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About Oakwood Custom Homes


Ron Kasperski, founder of Oakwood Custom Homes, has held a lifelong passion for transforming innovative design ideas into beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations. His passion and desire started at a young age. He started by renovating his 1st home himself which lead to several other home projects. He began acquiring first-hand knowledge and skills that would ultimately lead to a career in custom homebuilding. This “hands-on” experience, combined with a penchant for meticulous details and workmanship, serve as a benchmark, ensuring each Oakwood Custom Home customer receives the very best in quality and value in your new dream home.

By understanding how a home is built, and how each component works as a system, and the talent to be able to design, I feel I am better able to manage and create the build jobs as a whole.  As an example, think of an artist who creates a painting, they don’t take a blank canvas and create a painting then pass it off to others to try and reproduce what the artist created. Unfortunately that is how most Custom Homes are built, and they never are finished with the original intent of what the architect or designer had intended or envisioned because the builder did not have the eye for aesthetic design.

  • This is the biggest difference that makes Oakwood Custom Homes stand out from the rest. Because of this Oakwood Custom Homes is able to pass along a huge value to its customer. Whether you use Ron to design your plan or use you favorite architect, Ron will be able to reach the “Ultimate Goal” which is a finished renovation or build that has the highest quality and superb detail that is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  A finished product that you can take pride in and will enjoy seeing every day for a lifetime.

  • Again because home building is a passion and not just a way to earn a living, Ron is always on the leading edge of new technology including “green building” or ““sustainable building”.  Providing the most cost efficient systems for the customer to obtain the best quality and the most efficient running home.

    “There are several different methods in green building science and not all are equally cost effective”.

    It takes a great deal of knowledge and planning for each home to achieve a method to meet a customer’s budget. We purposely take on only a handful of projects at a time. This is so that we will not jeopardize our ability or stray away from our philosophy of running a very efficient company. This allows us to be able to deliver more aesthetically pleasing and affordable homes than any other builder.

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