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What is Design/Build?

Design/Build is the coming together of creative designers and professional contractors as an integrated team.  We design our projects, and then we build them!

Handcarved detailsDesign/Build (the designer is also the builder) is the oldest, most natural, and most efficient construction process. Ron at Oakwood Custom Homes feels that this method, used to create many of the majestic cathedrals and manors of Europe, is the best approach. We don’t design and disappear or blindly follow a supplied blueprint.

A successful project cannot be measured by design alone, or solely by the quality or efficiency of the construction, but rather by how these elements come together to achieve the client’s vision!

A successful project merges creative design solutions, value engineering (respecting the client’s budget), masterful construction, on-time schedule, and a final product that exceeds customer expectations. Oakwood Custom Homes accomplishes this with proven designs, and craftsmen working for you under one roof. This is Design/Build—one team with one goal—your satisfaction.

It is easy to see that home building is our passion. A home is our canvas on which we create dreams   we take the passion that we have for building, the eye for aesthetic design and put them together to build one of a kind luxury homes that you can call your own.  

As designer, builder and owner of Oakwood Custom Homes, I understand the philosophy’s and process that it takes to building a home. Having a plan for these philosophies is what sets us apart. Here are some:


                                 I.            Sensitive proportioning does not inherently increase the cost of your project, but it is an absolute necessity for you to realize any value in your construction investment. Each new project is much like a painting. With a finite amount of cost in the raw materials something of much greater value can be created. Or not, depending upon the talents of the painter. The construction of a house is a more complex process, but the analogy is accurate and it begins with the design.

As you consider your design options remember that there are no expensive materials or clever details that can compensate for a poorly conceived or proportioned structure. Ultimately, the value of every dollar that is spent on construction materials and labor is limited to the quality of the design.


      Old World brick and stone details                        II.            All Structures must possess intelligent design as “Form Follows Function”. Aside
The petite home especially offers little margin for functional error. They “must” efficiently solve many of the same problematic issues as larger structures by simply being smarter.


                           III.            Beauty is in the details. Perhaps the most gratifying and the most often overlooked aspect of today’s architecture is the detailing. How the surfaces of structures are embellished provide the unique fingerprint among similar styles. If good proportioning and intelligent design are like a well-prepared meal, interesting detailing is an indulgent desert. Creative detailing is an art form, vanishing from the architectural Landscape. It is an opportunity to establish the very identity of the house, and a language that articulates your individual style more than any other expression.


                            IV.            Genuine architecture provides timelessness.