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Why Green Building Technology?  
  1. Savings: This home will save you energy, water, and therefore money.
  2. Health: This home has been built to provide a healthy environment for you and your family.
  3. Value: Data has shown green buildings often sell for more, and in less time, than non-green buildings.
A green built home is home that is built with more durability, reduced maintenance and better energy efficiency. Oakwood Custom Homes offers the latest in Green Building Practices.Safer Air. A Green Built home prevents the build-up of moisture, mold and radon. Proper air sealing keeps this deadly gas from penetrating areas of your house and attached garage.  Oakwood’s process of closed combustion heating and water heating systems reduce the potential for carbon monoxide pollution inside the home. Your home is safer, cleaner, and you save money each month on your energy bills! Healthier Homes, Healthier Families. Green Built homes are designed to provide better indoor air quality. This is accomplished by the selection of building materials to include low chemical content and by the use of mechanical ventilation systems. Currently, indoor air quality has become a potential health risk for families. By building Greener and improving air quality in the home, Oakwood Custom Homes is always looking for a healthier way to build.Energy Efficient. Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of all of Oakwood’s Green Built homes. Reducing the energy usage has a great impact on your family finances by reducing monthly out-of-pocket-expenses. This will also lead to reduced energy usage which results in reduced pollution levels, which has a positive impact on environment. High quality insulation and advanced window technology all add up to a more energy efficient home.Environmentally Responsible. Green Built homes are designed to use less material resources, again reducing the impact on the environment. Oakwood Custom Homes has a strategy to limit and reduce construction waste. Ultimately this helps reduce costs and reduces the impact of the overloaded landfills. Whenever possible Oakwood uses regional product selections which reduce transportation pollution.Instead of focusing on just one area, Oakwood Custom Homes are green in every way:

    • Energy
    • Water
    • Indoor air quality
    • Types of materials used
    • Thoughtful land use and landscaping
    • Educating homeowners on the home’s green features

With energy efficiency, comfort and architectural splendor Oakwood builds homes for generations to come & enjoy!