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With our  in-house expertise in theater room design and State-of-the-Art THX Technology, Oakwood has the unique ability to plan, create and install finished Home Theaters.  Our theaters rival the performance and architectural experience of the finest commercial movie houses.  These theater rooms would normally cost  in excess of six figures but because Ron designs these one of a kind rooms himself he can get it done for a fraction of the cost and pass along the savings to our customers.

Oakwood does a  “Turn-Key-Theater”  design/build. This approach to custom theater design and installation allows us to create the home theater you have envisioned…easier than you ever imagined.

The Oakwood custom-designed home theaters shown in this section represent an interesting array of one-of-a-kind designs created and completely built by Ron @ Oakwood in concert with the specific wishes and requirements of our clients.

Each Oakwood Custom Home theater is a product of several in-house disciplines working together to creatively engineer, refine, and ultimately produce these outstanding environments. Considering the unique complexity of elements that go into a world class home theater,  it has been our experience that it is essential to the success of a project that all of the major elements from interior design to acoustics to electronics and automation be designed and implemented as one cohesive product.

Whether you want a dedicated state-of-the-art theater, whole-house audio, networked computers, lighting automation, surveillance, or home theater rooms,  Oakwood professionals have the expertise and imagination to surpass expectations and suit your individual needs.

With technology continuing to gain popularity it is important to have the proper foundation in place when building a new house. This includes high-speed Internet access and even computer to computer networking throughout the house. Oakwood is one of the first builders to integrate this technology with the Audio/Video industry and offer packages which can be customized to fit your needs. Every home needs phone and television wiring. For a few dollars more than standard, we can design a whole house wiring system that will help “future proof” your home. These systems usually consist of:

Dedicated Theater Room – many homes have unused or rarely used space that would be perfect for a dedicated Media Room. We can integrate a large screen (front or rear projection) TV with multiple video sources as well as your computer and gaming systems

Whole House Video – combining satellite, surveillance cameras, and local broadcast channels viewable from any television in the house

Whole House Audio – allowing you to hear any of your audio/video sources through speakers unobtrusively mounted in the ceilings or walls. These systems can be controlled through volume controls, keypads or even touch screen pads with full motion video in each room

High Speed Internet Access – we use Category 5 twisted pair wire that will provide the fastest connection to the Internet and high speed networking

Integrated Telephone/Intercom – in today’s larger homes it is difficult to locate family members quickly without yelling, which is why we offer intercom and doorbell packages combined with your phones and in-ceiling speakers to allow convenient communication throughout the home and with the front door

As you can see current and future technologies can be a bit overwhelming.  Please contact us and we will spend the time to educate and design a system that will meet your needs,  both present and future. Customer service is very important to us, if there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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